October 27, 2021

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First Lady Melania Trump Urges Everyone To Take Social Distancing & Mask Wearing Seriously

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First Lady Melania Trump Urges Everyone To Take Social Distancing & Mask Wearing Seriously

First lady Melania Trump tweeted out urging that Americans should take social distancing and mask-wearing seriously.

‘As the weekend approaches I ask that everyone take social distancing & wearing a mask/face covering seriously,’ she tweeted from her FLOTUS account. ‘#COVID19 is a virus that can spread to anyone – we can stop this together.’

For days, top experts, including members of Trump’s coronavirus taskforce said they were debating whether or not to put out a mask recommendation.

But then President Trump announced at his Friday press briefing that the Centers for Disease Control was now recommending that Americans wear non-medical cloth masks – but pressed that it wasn’t a mandate.

‘So it’s voluntary, you don’t have to be doing it,’ the president said from the briefing room podium. ‘This is voluntary, I don’t think I’m going to be doing it.’

President Trump was tested for the virus for a second time on Thursday – this time with the quicker 15-minute test. Participants in White House meetings are also now getting this test.

‘I was just tested also, so I assume I don’t have the virus so I don’t have to worry about spreading it,’ the president said.

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