August 13, 2022

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President Trump Slammed For Model Joke During Coronavirus Briefing

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President Trump Slammed For Model Joke During Coronavirus Briefing

President Donald Trump was slammed after making what many are calling an ‘insensitive’ joke about being involved with models while discussing the coronavirus death trajectory.

The comments were made during a Friday press conference at the White House, where President Trump had been commenting on the number of people who would die from COVID-19.    

‘The models show hundreds of thousands of people are going to die and you know what I want to do? I want to come way under the model,’ he said. ‘The professionals did the models and I was never involved in a model. At least this kind of a model.’ 

Trump’s joke was immediately slammed by the left on social media, with many claiming the comment was inappropriate given the nature of what he was discussing at the time. 

‘Trump just joked about epidemiological models, ya know where thousands of people die and compared it to the other kind of model, like the kind he’s molested and raped. Hey @realDonaldTrump, am I lying? Then sue me b***h,’ declared Chip Franklin.

The Palmer Report weighed in as usual: ‘Americans are dying and Donald Trump is up there joking about how he banged a model or raped a model or something.’

Amy Siskind commented on the joke and on how Friday was the deadliest day of the disease in the United States, stating that ‘tiny hands’ were ‘covered in American blood.’ 

Another added: ‘Trump slips in a joke about banging a model into his discussion of mass mortality.’  

‘Thoughts and prayers for Pence literally standing behind Trump as he brags about having sex with models while talking about hundreds of thousands Americans dying,’ said Matt Rogers.  

But most just expressed disbelief that Trump would even make a joke like that during the presser. 

One user declared: ‘OH MY F****G GOD. Trump says ‘the models say 100,000 people could die. I’ve never been involved in the model. At least not *that* kind of model.

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