December 8, 2021

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Baltimore Sun Reporter Suggests Payback for Trump Voters, ‘Now Your Loved Ones Can Die’

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Baltimore Sun Reporter Suggests Payback for Trump Voters, ‘Now Your Loved Ones Can Die’

David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun appeared as a guest on CNN where he complained about President Trump’s press briefings on the Coronavirus and attacked Trump supporters.

During CNN’s Reliable Sources David Zurawik said that President Trump’s supporters, who “stuck it to the elites” in the 2016 election, are facing a potential payback — “now your loved ones can die.”

He ended his comments warning Trump’s supporters that the “game’s over” for them.

“Health workers are risking their lives daily. And to see him come out there and for 90 minutes, and two hours, sometimes, doing exactly what you said — he’s spinning a narrative. And the narrative is, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. I was ahead of everybody. I was great! The federal government’s doing great work.’ And it’s an outrageous lie. But what’s worse is every minute he spends doing that, he is not getting respirators to hospitals, he’s not helping the states out with the kind of PPE they need. People are dying because of his foolishness. It’s really foolishness at this point.

“You know, America — you know, folks who loved him, fine. You voted for him. You stuck it to the elites for three years. But now your loved ones can die. The game’s over. This isn’t reality TV anymore. People are dying and this guy is acting a fool.”

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