December 8, 2021

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President Trump Releases ‘Guidelines For Opening Up America Again’

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President Trump Releases 'Guidelines For Opening Up America Again'

President Trump has presented his road-map to governors for reopening their states, gradually easing up on social distancing.

The guidelines, distributed to governors on Thursday, are published under the headline ‘Opening Up America Again’ and present a three-phase approach to relaxing shutdowns state-by-state, based on case data on the ground.

Each phase of relaxed restrictions would be triggered after a state recorded a new two-week period of falling case numbers and reported symptoms – but the plan acknowledges that there could be snap-backs to harsher restrictions if cases rise again.

Phase One: Schools and bars remain closed, social gatherings limited to 10 people

Phase Two: Schools and bars reopen, gatherings limited to 50 people

Phase Three: Visits to nursing homes allowed and vulnerable people can resume going out in public

After entering Phase One, states will have to meet a 14-day gating criteria to enter Phase Two and meet it again to enter Phase Three, which has the loosest restrictions. 

It’s not clear that any state currently meets the gating criteria to enter Phase One, and the decision to do so would be left up to governors. 

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