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VIDEO: Media Caught Staging Fake Photo of Medical Worker Counter-Protest

VIDEO: Media Caught Staging Fake Photo of Medical Worker Counter-Protest

As always the mainstream media is at it again staging photos and this time they’ve been busted staging a medical worker counter protest.

Everyone has been bombarded with various photos of medical workers standing in front of lock down protesters. But what the mainstream media hasn’t told you is that there are photos are being faked…by them.

In the video, protesters come to a stop at a traffic light. As soon as they do, a medical worker who was waiting on the side hopped in front of their car with photographers, had a few snaps taken, then crossed the street as nothing happened.

The woman filming quickly called the photographers out and warned them not to publish their faked photos.

“You’re a fraud!” she screamed as they walked off.

See for yourself:

Just in case the video above doesn’t work:

The big question is, are all the medical workers protesting fake news? or was it just this one time? The Media has been doing this sort of thing for a long time.

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