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VIDEO: Dr. Birx Slams Media For Being Very Slicey And Dicey In Order To Get Headlines

VIDEO: Dr. Birx Slams Media For Being Very Slicey and Dicey in Order to Get Headlines

Dr. Deborah Birx made an appearance on Fox News’ Watters World and State of the Union on CNN Sunday morning. During which the Ambassador slammed the media for their ‘very slicey and dicey’ coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jesse Watters asked Dr. Birx: “Do you believe the media in this country has been fair throughout this pandemic?”

Dr. Birx: “Well, you know I’ve had privilege to do media all over the world. Uh, people may not have seen me before ’cause it’s primarily been in South Africa and Asia because I’ve been working on vaccines and therapeutics and pandemics around the globe for a number of years. Um, I, I think the media, is, um, very slicey and dicey about how they put sentences together in order to create headlines. I think, you know, Amer…we know for millennials and other studies that some people may only read the headlines. Um, and if there’s not a graphic they’e not gonna look any further than that. And I think, we have to be responsible about our headlines. I think often the, the reporting may be accurate in paragraph three, four and five but I’m not sure how many people actually get to paragraph three, four and five. And I think the responsibility that the press has is to really ensure that the headlines reflect the science and data that is in their piece itself.”

And on CNN, Dr. Birx slammed Jake Tapper for trying to push the disinfectants story:

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