August 16, 2022

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VIDEO: Child Nearly Hit With Incendiary Device at Antifa Protest

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VIDEO: Child Nearly Hit With Incendiary Device at Antifa Protest

Antifa and far left-wing protesters attacked a facility of a nonprofit organization that houses migrants and unaccompanied minors during a staged May Day demonstration in Chicago. During which a child of a protester is nearly seriously injured by an incendiary device thrown by far-left radical group Antifa.

The protesters demanded that the facility release the children to sponsors after a number of residents at the facility tested positive for coronavirus.

The Clarion reports:

The facility, located in Roger’s Park, is run by Heartland Alliance, which describes itself as “one of the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations focused on ending poverty through housing, healthcare, jobs and justice.”

In a statement, Heartland Alliance condemned the protesters and said the children in the shelter were terrorized by the smoke bombs and vandalization of the building.

One of the incendiary devices, possibly a flare, landed on a sidewalk directly next to a small child sitting in what appeared to be a toy box. The child’s mother, who was participating in the protest, merely pulled the box (child inside) a few inches away and continued protesting.

One protester got on the roof of the migrant children’s shelter. Police attempted to bring him down with a fire truck ladder. He grabbed hold of the ladder and officers tackled him to the ground.

Police broke up the protest around 6 pm on Friday and It is unclear if and how many arrests were made.

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