September 22, 2021

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Daily Mail Touted Chloroquine In Fish Tank Cleaner 4 Days Before Couple Drank It

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Daily Mail Touted Chloroquine In Fish Tank Cleaner 4 Days Before Couple Drank It

Gary Lenius, 68, died in March after he and his wife Wanda both drank the fish tank cleaner that contained chloroquine phosphate. He died and Wanda required hospital treatment.

Many in the media blamed President Trump for the Arizona couple drinking a deadly cocktail that killed 68-year-old Gary Lenius fed to him by his wife Wanda.

But President Trump didn’t promote chloroquine phosphate or give anyone the idea to go out and drink fish tank cleaner.

The Daily Mail did though. Four days before Mr. Lenius was fed the deadly cocktail.

On March 20, 2020 The Daily Mail published this article:

Then four days later, this Daily Mail published this story:

Now, we are in no way saying the death of Mr. Lenuis is the Daily Mail’s fault. But if you’re going to point ANY fingers, at least follow the facts and point in the right direction. If anyone gave this couple the idea to drink fish tank cleaner, it was the crew over at the mail.

Hat Tip to Viva Frei who brilliantly dug up the articles. If you would like a really good in-depth analysis of this case, check out his video below. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel as well.

The Mesa Police Department in Arizona confirmed that a homicide detective was now investigating his death but said it was normal procedure and did not mean that his death was being treated as suspicious. 

‘The death of Gary Lenius has not been ruled a homicide at this time. 

‘It is normal protocol at the Mesa Police Department for all death cases (other than obvious natural causes) to be investigated.

‘All death cases are assigned to a homicide detective for their review as a matter of protocol.’

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