October 27, 2021

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Let Me Tell You About How CNN’s Oliver Darcy Got a Story About a Chair Wrong

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Let Me Tell You About How CNN's Oliver Darcy Got a Story About a Chair Wrong

Nobody asked, not a soul, but CNN’s Oliver Darcy thought he needed to alert the world to the fact that OANN’s White House correspondent Chanel Rion brought her own chair to Press briefings.

Except he couldn’t manage to get the story right.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, Oliver Darcy is a reporter, editor and political commentator who works for CNN and struggles to get his stories straight while crying for anyone he doesn’t like to be banned from the world.

In the latest gaffe from Darcy, the CNN reporter thought he’d take a shot at OANN. Complaining and whining that President Trump allows the popular alternative news networks to have access to White House press briefings.

Within this shambles of a thread that reeks of anger and jealousy, Darcy points out that OANN‘s lawyers sent a complaint to the White House because their reporters have to stand when other reporters from so-called bigger networks are allower to sit. Seems like a fair complaint. But that’s not the big news here. Darcy complains that Chanel Rion “even tried setting up her own folding chair in the briefing room.”

Except, he is wrong. Dead wrong.

Chanel wasn’t told she could not do that. In-fact she was allowed to bring the chair and ultimately ended up leaving it in the West Wing of the White House where it resides currently for Chanel to use whenever she needs.

Ya couldn’t of just asked, Darcy? This is seriously embarrassing for you and the fake news network you work for. But then again, this is the level of journalism we’ve all come to expect from mainstream reporters and media outlets like CNN.

Shout-out to OANN’s Chanel Rion for putting Darcy on blast.

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