January 22, 2022

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Judge In Michael Flynn Case Says It’s Not Over Yet

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Judge In Michael Flynn Case Says It's Not Over Yet

The judge overseeing the case of fired national security advisor Michael Flynn announced on Tuesday that the case is not dead yet – and issued an invitation for ‘friend of the court’ briefs in the matter. 

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan in a minute order issued Tuesday wrote that ‘given the current posture of this case, the court anticipates that individuals and organizations will seek leave of the court to file amicus curiae briefs …’

He made the statement after the Justice Department made the decision to reverse its position and said last week would no longer prosecute Michael Flynn. 

Such friend of the court briefs allow outside parties to make their views known if they aren’t represented but otherwise have an interest in the case. 

Sullivan is now overseeing a case where the government does not seek prosecution of the defendant. Even if he were to go ahead and seek to punish the defendant, President Trump has long kept open the possibility of a presidential pardon. 

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