2 thoughts on “Lindsay Graham Says He Won’t Call in Barack Obama to Testify

  1. Graham, must “believe” Bath House Barry….is {“ABOVE THE LAW?} oBAMA, CLAIMS “NO SCANDALS, IN HIS 8YR ADMN}….What a sad laugh! Obama, & his Muslim/American hating “staff”……tried to, & failed at “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA”…{ Obama, Campaign promise}……

    Trump is trying his hardest to right the wrongs, of King Obama, & the *Demoncrat party, & that rat’s nest of a putrid *Demoncrat swamp…..Trump needs all the help he can get to set America straight again! America, must get 4 more years of Trump, for him to set the stage for “RECOVERY”…..* 8yrs Pence, * 8yrs Donald Trump Jr., 8 yrs, Ivanka…..{ that should be a good start?}

  2. That is a can of worms and a Pandora’s box that need to be opened, Mr. Graham. If you are not man enough to do it, please step aside from your chairmanship and let someone else do the job you seem incapable of doing. Someone who doesn’t have all the skeletons in their closet that you seem to have which constrains you from doing your job.

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