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CNN Reporter Removes Mask and Violates Social Distancing After Press Briefing

CNN Reporter Removes Mask and Violates Social Distancing After Press Briefing

The White House Correspondents Association threatened to remove OANN reporter Chanel Rion from the press briefing rotation for violating social distancing rules. Yet time and time again we see reporters from the mainstream media violating the same rules they claim others are not obeying.

This is the same mainstream media that day after day asks why the President isn’t wearing a mask even though Trump has answered the question every time and the CDC has issued statements saying it was optional.

The press conference a few days ago concluded with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany saying, “I like your pink blazer Kaitlin” as she walked out. At that point, CNN’s White House reporter Kaitlan Collins – who clearly thought the cameras had stopped rolling – was caught removing her mask and violating social distancing policies.

In the video, you can see Collins tear off her mask and head past people not bothering to wait to keep a distance and out the door.

Rules for thee, but not for me – probably CNN. (Relax, that’s satire fact-checkers)

Here’s the video post by “Power Tie” on Twitter:

If the video above isn’t working, here’s a version on YouTube:

And here we have Jeff Mason from Reuters doing the exact same thing.

Neither CNN nor Collins has commented about her violation of social distancing rules because they don’t respond to their own hypocrisy.

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