October 27, 2021

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It took Australian Police 4 Hours to Realize a Sex Doll Wasn’t a Dead Body

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It took Australian Police 4 Hours to Realize a Sex Doll Wasn't a Dead Body

Queensland Police in Australia were called to ‘dead body’ dumped on the side of a highway. When they arrived, they set up a crime scene and began scouring bushland for forensic evidence. Four hours later they realized it wasn’t a human body.

Queensland Police were alerted to a ‘corpse’ wrapped in a blanket that had been dumped on a trail off the Bruce Highway in Mackay, 10 hours north of Brisbane, at 7 am on Friday.

A crime scene was set up as detectives scoured surrounding bushland for evidence.

Hours later, it was established no major crime had been committed. (maybe just a bit of littering).

Bowen Police Senior Sergeant Craig Shepherd explained it so long to realize the supposed body was a sex doll because they didn’t immediately have access to vital equipment.

‘Because of the way it was wrapped up, it couldn’t be disturbed until the equipment arrived from Mackay and Townsville, which is why it took hours,’ he told Townsville Bulletin.

‘People need to understand they are designed to be lifelike, they’re weighted and made of silicon substance which looks lifelike.

‘Until they could unwrap it, it was impossible to determine what it was.’

Investigations into how and why the doll was dumped are continuing and charges could be laid police said.

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