January 22, 2022

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We Call BS on Alyssa Milano’s Claim She Knitted a “Carbon Filter” in Her Mask

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We Call BS on Alyssa Milano's Claim She Knitted a "Carbon Filter" in Her Mask

You may have seen by now the viral picture of far-left Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano wearing a face mask she knitted herself. Well now after being mocked by thousands, Milano hit back claiming her mask has a “carbon filter” in it.

Except we don’t think it does.

This is clearly something she or someone came up to stop the trolling.

Sure, you CAN knit a carbon filter into a mask you have made. But, Carbon filters only good as dust masks. They can filter out some bacteria, fungus, etc. But are no good against coronavirus.

But she didn’t knit one in there anyway.

When you zoom in on the image you can clearly see right through the mask and you do not see the white carbon filter Milano claims she has knitted in there.

Take a look:

You can see her nostrils

But of course, the media totally has her back and is running with her bs story.

Not to mention she’s promoting a product that is very badly made and many people have been ripped off.


Nice try, But it didn’t slip past us Milano. Your sad attempt at virtue signaling failed.

Anyway, let’s end on what the CDC recommends, not uneducated failed Hollywood far-leftists like Alyssa Milano:


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