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Kathy Griffin Tells Trump To Inject Himself With ‘Syringe With Nothing But Air’

Kathy Griffin Tells Trump To Inject Himself With ‘Syringe With Nothing But Air’

Far-left comedian Kathy Griffin has come under fire after lashing out and telling President Trump he should inject himself with air.

Following the announcement of a new plan to slash the price of insulin for diabetic seniors, Trump during question time told reporters at the Rose Garden: “I don’t use insulin,” asking: “Should I be?”

In response, Griffin tweeted: “Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick. F*** TRUMP.”

Injecting yourself with air could cause a fatal blood vessel blockage, but despite the president’s supporters pointing out that’s she’s constantly threatening President Trump’s life which the media always drill home that rhetoric like this could lead to violence or worse, Griffin just doubled down on her joke.

Griffin reshared a news story accusing her of “advocating for someone to stab” the president, with the words: “I SURE DID, F***ER,” adding the hashtag: “#TrumpLiedPeopleDied” in reference to the coronavirus crisis.

When another reporter claimed that Twitter would be “looking into” her comments, Griffin replied: “Go f*** yourself. Do you wanna tussle with me, you f***ing amateur? #100ThousandDead.”

It’s not the first time Griffin has had a meltdown over the president, in 2017 she tweeted a picture of herself holding a model of Trump’s decapitated head. Then she cried on national T.V saying ‘he [Trump] broke me’.