September 25, 2021

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VIDEO: Armed Cigar Store Owners Kick Looters Out Of Shop

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VIDEO: Armed Cigar Store Owners Kick Looters Out Of Their Shop

During yet another day of rioting and looting, two cigar store owners in Bellevue, Washington defended their store from at least a dozen looters who were already inside.

In the video, multiple looters scurry from Cigar Land as one of the owners is seen defending the store from the front yelling for them to get out. Then the other owner who was defending the store from inside appears after the looters run out.


It’s not clear at this stage how much damage was done or if anything was stolen from the Cigar shop beforehand.

Cigar Land wasn’t the only store of it’s kind to be broken into, Anthony’s Pipe & Cigar was also targeted according to “Nick Woltman”.

This is a developing story.

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