January 22, 2022

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Photo Circulating Of White House Going Dark Is Actually From 2015

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Photo Circulating Of White House Going Dark Is Actually From 2015

Plus even if it was, the White House shuts off the lights off at 11 pm anyway.

Many circulated a photo of the White House showing the lights darkened both inside and outside, claiming it was from Sunday night during the riots.

Many believed the darkened image of the White House as a symbol of unrest, it was posted on Twitter against a photo of the White House lit in rainbow lights under Barack Obama.

The dark White House photo was reported by many media sources including ForbesVox, the New York Times, and Slate.

The photo was not from last Sunday,

It was not from the Trump administration at all,

It’s a stock photo uploaded to Getty Images, (a stock photo compilation site), in December of 2015, but has been passed off to be a photo taken during the rioting. The stock photo was edited further to increasingly darken the image for the greatest possible dramatic effect, and “manipulated to remove the lit lantern,” an AP Fact Check reports.

As Collins points out, the lights at the White House go off every night at 11:00 p.m., not just during riots or protests.

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1 thought on “Photo Circulating Of White House Going Dark Is Actually From 2015

  1. Exactly “WHO” are the “FAKE NEWS” { LAME STREAM MEDIA}…..entities, that circulated this photo? “Do nothing politicians, like DeBlasio, & those of *Demoncrat leadership, are the “REAL PROBLEMS, IN AMERICA”! { Deblasio: “National guard is not trained to handle this type of insurrection”}…..What a total fool!

    Californication, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Mass, Baltimore…..These cities & many others, are run by incompetent political leaders, cow-towing to their “leadership”, oof the *Demoncrat party! They tout, insurrection, unrest, racism, & much more! Why?…..Because it “furthers their cause, & gains *national attention*, bowing down to rioting, looting burning, & social calamity! These political “PERPS”, Deblasio, Whitmer, Newsome, & others have a national platform to spew their hate, & it’s so easy to do this with LOW IQ electorate, & “professional trouble makers”! { America…..pass some rioting laws, that have “teeth”! }

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