September 25, 2021

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Police Officer Fends Off Rioters After They Attack Him in the Bronx

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Police Officer Fends Off Rioters After They Attack Him in the Bronx

As looters and rioters set fires, broke into stores in the Bronx Monday night a police officer was beaten to the ground as an onlooker laughs while filming. The officer soon breaks free, pulls his gun, and fends them off.

In the video, One of the individuals is seen on top of a uniformed police officer outside a Claire’s store on E. Fordham Rd. near E. Tiebout Ave.

Another man in red is seen throwing a heavy object at the officer before running off. A third man picks up the object and hurls it at the officer again, as passers-by record the violence on their phone and scream “F— 12!” — a slang remark meaning “F— the police.”

The officer eventually gets up and pulls out a gun, and the men scurry away.

No reports of who the rioters are or any arrests regarding this incident at this stage.

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