September 19, 2021

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ANTIFA Tackle and Choke Street Preacher For Illegally Entering ‘CHAZ’

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ANTIFA Tackle and Choke Street Preacher For Illegally Entering 'CHAZ'

The Antifa-controlled “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” AKA the country of CHAZ in Seattle has resorted to violence against illegal entrants.

The Antifa mob, unhappy with the preacher for legally entering their struggling third world country, shoved the man to the ground and locked him in a chokehold similar to the highly criticized disabling technique used by police forces across the United States.

“The autonomous zone has the right to reject you,” says a black-clad CHAZ immigration and customs officer.

One of the individuals involved in holding down the preacher has been identified as Rose City Antifa member Luis Enrique Marquez.

One man did attempt to deescalate the situation while Antifa blocked onlookers.

Amazing how the left is all for borders and border control now.

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