1 thought on “Australian Teen Brutally Beaten By 8 Black Lives Matter Activists

  1. Animals come in may colors….”Human” animals are particularly ugly!

    I hope these COWARDLY Afrikans, get their year in jail, for this attack…{ 2, or more yrs?}……These black cowards, “perps”, certainly have earned that “justice”! Low IQ…..No social up-bringing, they are surely the “Natives”, that inhabit their home country! I guess that “WHITE LIVES JUST DON’T MATTER? Black lives don’t matter to “Blacks”….or there would not be a preponderance of “Blacks/babies”….murdered every year?…..EVERY YEAR…..EVERY YEAR…..EVERY YEAR! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    This is a ‘WORLD WIDE”, PHENOMENON, FROM LOW IQ, SOCIALLY INEPT, SOCIETAL OUT CASTS, OF VERY POOR UP-BRINGING…..{ Or, this would “not be” happening all over the world! }

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