October 19, 2021

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Australian Teen Brutally Beaten By 8 Black Lives Matter Activists

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Australian Teen Brutally Beaten By 8 Black Lives Matter Activists

A young Australian teen was brutally beaten and hospitalized on a train in Melbourne’s CBD by eight Black Lives Matter activists.

The young defenseless girl was attacked by a group of violent Black Lives Matter activists and brutally beaten. The whole incident was filmed and shared in a Facebook group that glorifies violence against white people.

Sausageroll.com.au reports:

Angie King, a friend of the victim’s mother, was shocked when she saw the footage of young Mik being brutally beaten in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Mik, the young victim, was sitting and waiting for her train home when she was approached by several Sudanese people; two of which she claims to know.

The video, although short, shows Mik sitting down on a bench with a drink in her hand waiting for her bus. She is approached by 8 African Australians who were there reportedly participating in the for the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne that day. Two of the activists begin to punch the girl in the jaw and back of the head while the person filming also taunts her.

After the video cuts Mik was thrown to the ground and stomped by several people before they retreated. An ambulance was called and she was taken straight to hospital.

The brutal attack left the young Australian teen girl with several broken ribs and a fractured cheek bone. A friend described her entire body being ‘black and blue’ after the assault.

Angie King shared the shocking video of the brutal attack of the young Australian teen that occurred in the Melbourne CBD and an image of the aftermath on Facebook but it was removed for violating their Community Guidelines.

“I know black lives matter, the whole world is about that right now, standing up, but how about my friends daughter? It’s not the current trend, she’s white, she’s just waiting to catch a train home, same age as my own daughters, bashed by 8 black lives that matter. There’s no African gang problem in Melbourne though right ?” Angie King wrote in the now-deleted Facebook post.

She continued: “Can anyone help? Who was there for her — no social distancing here either — I’m very angry. This little girl has been kicked in her head , had her head stomped on whilst on the ground; they could have bloody killed her.”

Despite mainstream media reports there is, in fact, a rise in gang related violence in Melbourne, Australia, especially during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Here’s the video:

Hat tip sausageroll.com.au

Massive hat-tip to the crew over at sausageroll.com.au for reporting on this because the mainstream media won’t. We highly recommend you check them out. They do fantastic work there.

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