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Twitter Slaps “Manipulated Media” Label On Parody Video Shared By President Trump

Twitter Slaps "Manipulated Media" Label On Parody Video Shared By President Trump

You must be serious on Twitter the world cries.

Sometimes us journalists have to report on the most stupidest things and this is certainly one of them.

By now everyone is familiar with the Twitter account Carpedonktum who makes videos to troll and trigger the left. Carpedonktum has been for years now making parody videos that have been shared by millions around the world.

But, Twitter and the left can’t take a joke. So to stick one to the President they ridiculously slapped a “manipulated media” label on Carpe’s latest video shared by 45 in which two young toddlers embrace each other.

“We may label Tweets containing synthetic and manipulated media to help people understand their authenticity and to provide additional context,” Twitter announced to make sure you know what a joke is and what is not.

Why anyone bothers with that cesspool of a social media network will remain a mystery.


The clip shared in Trump’s tweet first shows the part where one of those toddlers is seen running ahead of the other. At one point the banner reads: “Racist baby probably a Trump voter”.

The tweeted video then goes on to show the original video and concludes: “America is not the problem. Fake news is.”

It’s clearly a parody. Just look at the spelling. For one the word toddler is spelled “todler.” (that was Carpe’s mistake not Trump’s)

But, nonetheless Twitter just had to make a specticle and make sure that you all are aware that this video was not from CNN and made by someone.

Yeah, we can tell by the @Carpedonktum tag, the misspelling, and the content in the video that it’s a parody.

So relax everyone.

Meanwhile, carefully edited clips of President Trump taken out of context are allowed to be shared on Twitter and they don’t slap the same label on them.

Wonder why that is?

Here’s the video:

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