October 18, 2021

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Obama Administration Used Term “Kung flu” in 2015 Flu Shot Campaign

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Obama Administration Used Term Kung flu in 2015 Flu Shot Campaign

“Protect yourself, your family, and friends: Get a Flu Shot!” The Obama Admin 2015 Veteran Affairs poster for flu shots reads. It also says “become a Kung flu fighter.”

You can’t say you didn’t see this coming. It’s happened so many times how could you not.

You know the formula, Trump says something, the media calls it racist, then we find out some democrat or Obama said the same thing and there was no outrage by the media.

So here we are again.

If you didn’t see the headlines, we’ll fill you in. During President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, the President said he had heard coronavirus called by many names, one of them being “Kung-Flu.” This sparked outrage from media and angry people on Twitter.

So in response, he did it again.

And once again the media and angry people on Twitter called him racist. No surprise.

However, the media and angry people on Twitter are really really bad at history and researching. Otherwise, they would remember or found out through research that President Obama’s administration in 2015 made a full-blown campaign using the word “Kung-Flu” to promote flu shots to veterans.

Of course, this has now been removed since the outrage from Trump saying “Kung-Flu” but there are archived versions through Google Cache and Wayback Machine.

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