August 17, 2022

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OAN Reporter Jack Posobiec Surrounded and Assaulted by Antifa in DC

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OAN Reporter Jack Posobiec Surrounded and Assaulted by Antifa in DC

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec was surrounded and assaulted by Antifa at a demonstration where protesters wanted to topple the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park, in Washington DC.

On Friday evening, hundreds of BLM activists and Antifa gathered in Lincoln Park in Washington DC to try to topple the 144-year-old statue.

At the demonstration were also several counter-protestors, including an elderly black man who is a historical tour guide for Capital Buddy Tours. The Man pleaded to the mob not to tear down the historical monument. The man was then physically accosted several times by an Antifa member who attempted to prevent him from speaking.

The man was repeatedly shouted over by Antifa members, who yelled “No Justice, No Peace” without any care or understanding about the historical monument they planned to tear down. One female protester claimed that the man was “not ready for the change” and that he was standing on the wrong side of history by preventing the monument’s destruction.

Meanwhile, the statue was fully funded by former slaves and black Union Army veterans to commemorate President Lincoln’s abolition of slavery.

Ian Miles Cheong reports:

Posobiec, who was filming the man’s speech, was blocked by members of Antifa from filming the event, all of which he caught live on Periscope. The situation escalated when a black-clad Antifa insurgent wearing a pair of red ski goggles and bicycle helmet (whom I’ll refer to as Goggles here onward) identified Posobiec and accused him of “founding the alt-lite” and of being a “literal Nazi,” drawing a larger group of Antifa to approach and surround the journalist.

Posobiec was flanked by several black men, including the tour guide, who attempted to guide him to safety away from the mob, which continued to swell in numbers following Goggles’ calls to evict him from the park. The park is located on federal, publicly owned land.

As Posobiec tried to walk away from the melee, a female Antifa member and presumed associate of Goggles tried to grab Posobiec’s phone out of his hands as other members of the insurgent group surrounded and attempted to shove him, only to be pushed back by a private security agent accompanying other journalists present at the event. Goggles repeatedly harangued Posobiec, telling him to “leave the park” and “get out of here.”

Several of the “black bloc” militants dumped liquid on Posobiec.

Read more at thepostmillennial

The Post Millennial identified the man in the Goggles as 25-year-old Jason Robert Charter, a self-described “political activist/organizer” and a member of Antifa who also attempted to stir up trouble at CPAC in 2017 by handing out small Russian flags. As reported in an Atlantic article.

On Twitter, Charter posted claims that Jack Posobiec chose to file a police report against him, and that he found it “deplorable” that the DC Metropolitan Police gave Posobiec a free ride to his car.

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  1. Time for some “serious LEGAL retribution”, on these “Anarchists, insurrectionists….ie: BLM, ANTIFA, & “others, designated, & well paid to disrupt America’s peace & security! { Maximum jail time for the “Perp’s”, & their financier}!

    Innocent American citizens, deserve their peace, without all this “Racist crap”, being jammed down their throats! very soon now, there will be serious confrontation, between those that “perpetrate, & those that are the victims”!

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