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Man Charged With Assaulting 82-Year-Old Trump Supporter Held Without Bail

Man Charged With Assaulting 82-Year-Old Trump Supporter Held Without Bail

Aidan Courtright, 27 is charged with assaulting an 82-year-old Trump supporter. He currently being held without bail until a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Thursday morning in Fall River District Court.

Aidan Courtright, 27, of Fall River, is facing charges of committing a civil rights violation with injury; assault and battery on a person over 60 years old; vandalizing property; and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60 years old.

A plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf during an arraignment on Wednesday in District Court.

Courtright’s attorney, Marc Roberts, asked for the dangerousness hearing to be delayed a day in order to gather “character and other information to present to the court.”

Police spokesman Lt. Daniel Dube said police were dispatched around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to the corner of North Main Street and Airport Road at the rotary after a report of an elderly man being assaulted.

“The victim, who is 82 years old, was assaulted by a man who he had given a description, and there were several witnesses there. According to the victim he was holding a Trump sign,” said Dube.

“Courtright put his car in park and exited his vehicle,” reads a press release from Fall River police. “Courtright then walked towards the victim while screaming, ’Give me the f—ing sign!” Courtright then forcefully ripped the sign out of the victim’s hands, ripped it in half, and threw it on the ground. Courtright then went after the victim, grabbing him by his shirt, knocking his hat off, and throwing him violently to the ground. While the victim was on the ground, Courtright continued the attack by kicking him in his ribs and legs. Courtright violently kicked the victim with his leather pointed shoes.”

The victim was taken to Charlton Memorial Hospital, having visible bruising on his lower back.

“Witnesses at the scene provided information, and we were able to contact Mr. Courtright and he agreed to meet at the Fall River police station to turn himself in,” said Dube.

During the arraignment, Roberts requested that the dangerousness hearing be held by teleconference, but was unclear if arrangements could be made on short notice, according to the judge.