September 22, 2021

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Woman Who Threatened To Stab Anyone Saying “All Lives Matter” Fired From Job

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Woman Who Threatened To Stab Anyone Saying "All Lives Matter" Fired From Job

The Harvard graduate who went viral for threatening to ‘stab’ anyone who told her ‘all lives matter’ in a TikTok video says that she’s been fired from her dream job at Deloitte.  

Claira Janover, who graduated in May of this year with a degree in government and psychology, posted a video to Tik Tok this week where she said angrily: ‘The next person who has the nerve to tell me All Lives Matter… Imma stab you.

‘Imma stab you and while you’re bleeding out, Imma show you my paper cut and say, “my cut matters too.”‘ She claims it was a ‘satirical analogy’ that was taken at ‘face value’ when it shouldn’t have been. 

The video went viral and caught the attention of her bosses over at Deloitte, where she worked as an analyst. 

On Wednesday night, she returned to TikTok to blame Trump Supporters for ‘taking’ her job from her. 

‘Trump supporters took my job away from me,’ Janover sobbed. 

She then accused Deloitte of ‘cowardice’ and said she was going to be ‘an indelible change in the world’. 

‘I know this is what Trump supporters wanted because standing up for Black Lives Matter put me in a place online to be judged by people,’ Janover said in her TikTok.

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1 thought on “Woman Who Threatened To Stab Anyone Saying “All Lives Matter” Fired From Job

  1. The problem is not that she threatened to stab conservatives. The problem is that she wants to kill people who disagree with her.
    Her delusions of grandeur are a story within this story.

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