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Oregon Politician Created Hate Hoax by Writing a Racist Letter to Himself

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Oregon Politician Created Hate Hoax by Writing a Racist Letter to Himself

A recent candidate for Umatilla County commissioner claimed he received an anonymous racist letter last month. He has now admitted to police he was the one who wrote it after investigators found he wrote it to himself.

Lopez posted the alleged racist letter on his Facebook account where was shared by hundreds within the first 24 hours. The post has since been deleted.

Lopez wrote on Facebook:

“We now more than ever must address these issues that are destroying and distancing us from unification. We must be mature and adults about things and address them properly at a table or meeting in which we can come to an agreement or mutual understanding!”

“I hold no resentment for whom ever wrote this; I’m just simply heart broken for the lack of knowledge, education and respect missing. I pray for you and wish you prosperity in your life. God bless us all!” he concluded.

The letter Lopez claimed he received read, in part: “Don’t waste your time trying to become anything in this county we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the other f****** Mexicans in the area!” The letter ends by stating, “Sincerely, America!”

KEPR-TV News reported on Tuesday that police determined Jonathan Lopez sent the letter to himself and Lopez verbally and in a written statement admitted to fabricating the racist letter.

Lopez’s case has been referred to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office. The former politician is charged with filing a false police report, which is a Class A misdemeanor in the state.

Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston told KEPR that Jonathan Lopez’s actions added tension to a country currently dealing with racial protests.

“The time spent on this fictitious claim means time lost on other matters, not to mention it needlessly adds to the incredible tension that exists in our nation today.” Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston said. “As a lifelong resident of this diverse community, I’m disgusted someone would try to carelessly advance their personal ambitions at the risk of others.”

Lopez is also under investigation for potential election fraud related to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013. KEPR reported Lopez may have presented false credentials while running for county commissioner.

“Additionally, the Hermiston Police are sending the Office of the District Attorney verifiable information of potential election fraud as it pertains to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 and other false credentials presented by Mr. Lopez during his run for county commissioner. This in conjunction with a lengthy criminal history record may result in the filing of additional charges,” KEPR reported.

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