January 27, 2022

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Pregnant Woman Shot Dead in Broad Daylight in Philadelphia

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Pregnant Woman Shot Dead in Broad Daylight in Philadelphia

The 25-year-old victim, identified as Shaliyah Davis, was shot in the head on Thursday afternoon while sitting inside an SUV after visiting relatives.

“From witness accounts, a male individual came to the vehicle, approached from the passenger side, opened the door, and fired a shot into the car,” Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Naish told Fox29. “He was chased by another individual and as a result of some video that we recovered it appears that the second individual may have been firing shots or at least chasing the original shooter with a gun.”

As of Friday morning, no suspects had been arrested in the case. Based on a preliminary investigation, police say they believe it was a domestic incident in which Davis – who was four months pregnant — was the intended target, according to Fox29.

Davis was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Davis’ sister also told the station that she was a hard worker.

“Any shooting is a terrible shooting, but this just continues to escalate the urgency behind why we have to do what we can to stem the violence in our neighborhoods,” added Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

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1 thought on “Pregnant Woman Shot Dead in Broad Daylight in Philadelphia

  1. OUTRAGEOUS! Where is the moral outrage form the black community? Where is the looting, “protesting”, burning insurrection, “BLM”…?

    Do they really matter, or does “anylife”, matter to these sub-human groups of “bad Americans”? I am sure that George Floyd, didn’t even start to compare….{ in “life”…value}…… to this innocent woman, & her un-born baby!

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