October 19, 2021

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Man Arrested Outside Ivanka Trump’s Washington D.C. Home

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Man Arrested Outside Ivanka Trump's Washington D.C. Home

A man was taken into custody outside of Ivanka Trump’s Washington, D.C. home. 

An eyewitness told DailyMail.com that a young man in a black Mercedes-Benz was parked in front of Ivanka Trump’s home on Thursday morning and was seen being questioned by the Secret Service.

Uniformed Secret Service agents were seen pulling the man – seen wearing a Pac-Man t-shirt in the picture below – out of his car, cuffing him and putting him in a van.

Ivanka was nowhere near the early morning confrontation at her home as she is currently in Denver, Colorado, for a two-day tour. But about 10 minutes after the man was put in the van, her husband Jared Kushner was seen emerging from the home.

About 10 minutes after the man was put in the van, Jared Kushner was seen emerging from the home

It’s unclear why the unidentified man was waiting outside of her home or what his intentions were. 

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