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AUSTRALIA: Woman ‘Smashed’ Police Officer’s Head Into Concrete When Told To Wear Mask

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AUSTRALIA: Woman 'Smashed' Police Officer's Head Into Concrete When Told To Wear Mask

During a press conference on Tuesday, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said a 38-year-old has been charged with nine offenses after she attacked a 26-year-old police officer.

After being stopped in Frankston for not wearing a face mask. Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Patton said that the woman “smashed the head of the policewoman several times into a concrete area on the ground”

The Age reports:

Some of the policewoman’s hair was ripped out during the incident and she was concussed.

She was taken to Frankston Hospital for assessment and medical treatment and was recovering at home on Tuesday.

The other female police officer was pushed and also allegedly assaulted.

The maskless woman, who has no criminal history, was restrained and taken to the police station where she was charged with nine offences, including two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and recklessly causing injury.

She was also fined $200 for breaching coronavirus restrictions by not wearing a face mask or covering. She was released on bail and will face court in March next year.

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