October 18, 2021

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Mother Pinned By Cops and Fined $1,652 For Breaking Melbourne’s Fascist Lockdown Rules

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Mother Pinned By Cops and Fined $1,652 For Breaking Melbourne's Fascist Lockdown Rules

Shocking footage has been released showing the moment a Melbourne mother was pinned to the ground by three police officers for allegedly breaking Premier Dan Andrews’ fascist COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The violent incident, which left the mother with horrific bruises under her arms, took place in Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne’s south-west on Saturday after she was peacefully protesting.

A spokesman from Victoria Police said the women were stopped as they were protesting on the corner of Heaths and Derrimut Road in Hoppers Crossing.

‘The two females were requested to state their names and address, and produce identification as they were in breach of the Chief Health Officer’s directions,’ the spokeswoman said.

After the women refused to show I.D the police – as they do on every occasion in Australia – tackled the women to the ground, then arrested her. The Police spokesperson of course used the old “resisted arrest” defense. Cue mainstream media to run with this as well as attacking this woman for exercising her freedom (or what little there is in Australia)

‘After numerous attempts from police to have the females provide their details which was refused, they were both arrested. One of the females resisted arrest, and had to be taken to ground during the incident, the spokesperson said.

‘Both females were issued with a $1,652 fine each for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions and were released pending inquiries on further charges.’ 

The footage, filmed by her daughter, shows the blonde woman screaming as the officers hold her face-down on the footpath and handcuff her arms behind her back.

Her terrified daughter is heard begging the officers to get off her mother, shouting ‘she’s in pain, she said she’s in pain’.

In a Facebook post, written by a friend, it was written that the police officers deliberately pinched her mother during the arrest, leaving her battered and bruised.

In a Facebook post written by a friend it was alleged the police officers deliberately pinched her mother during the arrest, leaving her battered and bruised (pictured)

In the post, it was said they had been standing ‘with a poster about Russian politics’ when she was pinned down, before both women were issued a $1,652 fine each for breaching coronavirus restrictions.

In the post it was claimed the mother had been standing 'with a poster about Russian politics' when she was arrested before the women were issued a $1,652 fine each (pictured)

The footage was captured during Melbourne’s stage three lockdown when residents were banned from leaving their homes for anything but shopping for food and essential items, care and caregiving, daily exercise, work, and study.

Since Melbourne was placed in a harsher stage-four lockdown premier Dan Andrews has threatened to crack down on those disobeying his crazy fascist lockdown rules. 


The Victorian Premier announced on Wednesday there would be more police who he said he’s given more power and Australian Defence Force personnel out in force making sure residents are abiding by the directions of the Führer Daniel Andrews.

Huge fines of up to $19,826 for individuals and $99,132 for businesses will apply to anyone caught breaking the rules.

‘Those doing the wrong thing will cop a fine from Victoria Police, because the only way to beat this deadly virus is if we all follow the rules,’ Andrews warned.

He forgot to mention you’ll be brutally abused by authorities if you don’t comply with his rules.

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