August 13, 2022

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Caretaker In Florida Arrested For Physically Assaulting 88-Year-Old Disabled Man

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Caretaker In Florida Arrested For Physically Assaulting 88-year-old Disabled Man

Once again we see this sickening scenario play out where a caretaker brutally abuses an elderly person in their care.

This time round a 19-year-old Florida caretaker was arrested for violently beating an 88-year-old disabled man that he was in his care.

The footage captured on August 5 of this year shows Jonah Delgado verbally abusing the disabled 88-year-old, dragging him out of his wheelchair, punching him numerous times in the stomach area and slapping the frail man in the face.

19-year-old Jonah Delgado was hired to provide fulltime care for the man.

Part 2:

The Tampa Bay Times reported:

“The teen caretaker appears to be listening to music while he attempts to clean the man, pulling him in and out of the chair and slapping him in the face, head and stomach as the man becomes entangled in Delgado’s earbud cords, yanking them from his ears.”

“Later, investigators said Delgado pushed the victim into the bed and punched him in the stomach three times. Detectives worked quickly to obtain an arrest warrant for Delgado, who was taken into custody around midnight Wednesday by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.”

Jonah Delgado was arrested on Wednesday in Hillsborough County, he is charged with abuse of an elderly or disabled adult and battery.

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