September 21, 2021

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BLM Demand White People Give Up Their Homes To Black People

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BLM Demand White People Give Up Their Homes To Black People

Black Lives Matter held a rally reportedly in a neighborhood in Seattle where they demanded White people living in the area give up their homes to Black People.

BLM’s reasoning behind this is – according to what they are screaming in the video – the people they are targeting are “living in a historically black neighborhood” and black people used to live there before white people came along and “bought all the land” and “gentrified the area”

Another protester yells a claim that her family was pushed out of the neighborhood.

They also demanded that the people in the neighborhood “open their wallets.”


Video 2:

How long will the mob be allowed to go around terrorizing innocent people? And when will the mainstream media start reporting the truth?

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2 thoughts on “BLM Demand White People Give Up Their Homes To Black People

  1. I’m not so sure there are many who are okay with this. Even among lawful black people. I think the amount of people okay with this is about the same amount who are doing the terrorist demonstrating, violence and looting. Not that many.
    All they need is a good education in the lawful exercise of the justice system. After they are arrested, fined and imprisoned for their deeds they may come to their right minds. But first the mayors, DAs, Governors and council members of those rat-holes will have to be eradicated and thrown in jail for aiding in the violence and destruction of personal and private property. One step at a time is needed for the things to be made right.

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