October 27, 2021

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It’s Time To Stop Pretending Trump Is Racist and Called White Supremacists “Very Fine People”

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It's Time To Stop Pretending Trump Is Racist and Called White Supremacists "Very Fine People"

Here we go again with this. No matter how many times this has been debunked the democrats, media and the radical left keep repeating the lie that President Trump called the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville “very fine people.”

Here we are again.

This time the lie was repeated by 2020 democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

This statement made by Biden is simply not true. You’d have to be nuts to think that the President of the United States and in this case Donald Trump who has denounced racism and hate groups his whole life, condoned white supremacists.

Listen to what he says not what you want to hear or have been made to believe:

See? Now as mentioned above, Donald Trump has denounced hate groups including the KKK, white supremacists, racists, for years.

Yet the lie is constantly repeated that the President is a racist. So take a look for yourself and watch very closely how you have been lied to by the media.

Watch how the media and the left tell you that he has never denounced the hate groups they mention.

Yet he had. Many many times.

You getting it yet?

Pay attention from now on and fact check everything for yourself because the “fact-checkers” that work for social media are picking and choosing what to flag as false, and many are jumping on this advantage to spread lies.

So it’s time to stop pretending Trump is racist and called white supremacists “very fine people.”

Because he didn’t and you know he didn’t. So it’s time to cut it out. All you’re doing is proving you’re a liar and can’t be trusted. Simple.

No-one is falling for it anymore and it just makes you look really stupid.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Stop Pretending Trump Is Racist and Called White Supremacists “Very Fine People”

  1. Among a myriad of other smearing insults, Trump is called a Racist, while the leftists stay quiet, without a word on the destroyed, occupied neighborhoods by the violent Anti-Fa anarchists & Burning Looting Mayhem maniacs. We see daily videos of people pulled out of their cars & attacked into a coma for simply being the wrong color. Instead, the Democrats & Corrupt Leftist Media continue to call it a Peaceful Protest. The destruction left behind will be in the billions, but’s it’s all cricket in the daily news.

  2. Do some actual research instead of believing a biased site that cherry-picks to try to make Trump look bad but the truth is out there..GO LOOK & LISTEN!

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