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Joe Biden Still Hasn’t Been Tested For Coronavirus

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Joe Biden Still Hasn't Been Tested For Coronavirus

2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is still yet to be tested for COVID-19, his deputy campaign manager said on Sunday.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield defended the Former Vice President for not being tested – saying that their campaign has “put the strictest protocols in place, and moving forward, should he [Biden] need to be tested, he certainly would be.”

Bedingfield also added that the former vice president has not had COVID-19.

Despite not being tested, Joe Biden has laid out a plan for free testing nationwide, expanding testing sites, having federal safety regulators enforce testing at work, and assembling at least 100,000 contact tracers to find people who have been exposed to the virus.

Biden in the past has defended himself not being tested by saying he is holding mostly virtual campaign events and members of his staff and the Secret Service are regularly tested.

While Biden generally has stayed away from large public events and rallies and worn a mask when he meets with voters, the 77-year-old 2020 presidential candidate is in an age group that makes him far more vulnerable to major complications from COVID.

Biden also appeared on Capitol Hill last month to pay his respects to Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga. He did wear a mask during his time there, he was still surrounded by dozens of lawmakers.

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