September 19, 2021

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims ‘BLM Doesn’t Riot,’ Says It’s Trump Encouraging Violence Fueled By ‘White Nationalist Mobs’

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MSNBC's Joy Reid Claims 'BLM Doesn't Riot,' Says It's Trump Encouraging Violence Fueled By 'White Nationalist Mobs'

As always liberal media turns a blind eye to the violent deadly riots caused by BLM “peaceful protesters” and radical far-left domestic terrorist organization Antifa. In-fact the media and the left aren’t really turning a blind eye, they know damn well who is causing all this death and destruction. Yet they blatantly lie and say it’s Trump’s people.

MSNBC host Joy Reid just gave a strange defense of Black Lives Matter, claiming that they don’t riot and blamed President Trump for the violence she said is being fueled by “white nationalist mobs.”

Yes, she said it with a straight face as well.

Her evidence? Reid shared a local Seattle report from back in June, she claims that Black Lives Matter isn’t responsible for the unrest because of the 81 arrests that were made at the time and included race in court documents, 32 were White and only eight of them were Black; in addition, more than 70 percent of those arrests were from outside the Seattle area.

Yep. That’s it.

“Let me repeat this for those inventing the idea of ‘Black Lives Matter riots.’ BLM doesn’t ‘riot.’ They march against police violence. And note that those caught setting fires, assaulting and shooting people are consistently of the RIGHT, not the left,” Reid tweeted. “So let’s stop giving in to the narrative Trump and his allies are inventing to try and help him cling to power. Autocrats always eventually get to this place: accusing the opposition of being anarchic and violent to cover up their own rot and violence.”

She continued, “You are MUCH more at risk from unmasked Trump cultists coming home to your suburb from a superspreader rally and coughing or sneezing on you in Walmart or touching the door handle after wiping their nose than you are from a Black Lives Matter rally.”

Newsflash Joy, a lot of radical left white men are out there causing problems alongside Black Lives Matter.

Wrong again Reid.

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2 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims ‘BLM Doesn’t Riot,’ Says It’s Trump Encouraging Violence Fueled By ‘White Nationalist Mobs’

  1. This vile woman is nothing but a racist, communist hack. A mouthpiece for leftist agitprop.

    She and her ilk are completely destructive to a functional society and country.

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