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Young Mother Tased, Handcuffed And Arrested At Son’s Football Game For Not Wearing A Mask

Young Mother Tased, Handcuffed And Arrested At Son's Football Game For Not Wearing A Mask

On Wednesday Alecia Kitts was arrested at her son’s high school football game for not wearing a mask.

Alecia Kitts was tased, cuffed, and arrested by a police officer during the game. All because she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Alecia Kitts was sitting with her young children without a mask when she was confronted by a police officer.

Via The Ohio Star:

Alecia Kitts drove an hour and a half from Marietta to Logan, Ohio to watch her son’s football game.

In the first quarter she was approached by an officer from the Logan Police Department because she was not wearing a mask.

The video below shows the three-minute encounter between Kitts and the officer.

According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her. Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.

“There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also pointed out the female officer who is shown running toward the Logan officer and Kitts at the end of the video was not wearing a mask – pulling one out of her pocket as she was in pursuit.

“Alecia’s mom said that when the officer tased her, the current went through the bleachers and zapped the kid sitting there too.”

Kitts appears to be socially distanced from others in the crowd and sitting with her family. “There were only 25 or 30 fans from our town on our side,” said Kennedy.

The Logan Police Department declined comment and sent an inquiry to Captain Ryan Gabriel. The Ohio Star left a message with Captain Gabriel and will report back after making contact.

Alecia Kitts was contacted but had not returned comment before press time.

Sources indicate that Kitts was charged with criminal trespass and released on her own recognizance.

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