October 27, 2021

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Just Ignore This Mega-Thread Exposing Democrats’ Mail-In Ballot Scams

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Just Ignore This Mega-Thread Exposing Democrats' Mail-In Ballot Scams

GOP spox Elizabeth Harrington dropped a thread that not only challenges the mainstream media’s narrative that mail-in voting isn’t a problem, it blows it right out the water.

As you’ve seen, the mainstream media is pushing that there’s no issue with mail-in voting. Not only that social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will slap a label on any post proving mail-in fraud with info claiming there’s no issue or whatnot.

Not only that, FBI Director Christopher Wray actually said with a straight face that there is no evidence of mail-in voter fraud.

This is just dishonest on their part and they damn well know it.

Want proof?


And then there’s this:

It’s enough to make you dizzy and sick to your stomach.

So now what? Will Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the Mainstream Media claim all this is false? Will Christopher Wray come out and lie again?


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