September 24, 2021

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Crazy Man Micheal Moore Pushes Conspiracy Theory Trump Is Faking Having COVID

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Crazy Man Micheal Moore Pushes Conspiracy Theory Trump Is Faking Having COVID

That crazy left-wing documentary maker and Biden supporter Michael Moore is pushing a conspiracy theory that President Trump could be “lying about having coronavirus to “gain sympathy” ahead of the Presidential election.

Moore in a lengthy Facebook post on Friday said: “Democrats, liberals, the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat him as a buffoon and a dummy and a jackass. Yes, he is all those things. But he’s also canny. He’s clever. He outfoxed Comey. He outfoxed Mueller. He outfoxed 20 Republicans in the GOP primary and then did the same to the Democrats, winning the White House despite receiving fewer votes than his opponent.”

“He’s an evil genius and I raise the possibility of him lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game,” added Moore. “He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He’s not above weaponizing this.”

Michael Moore posted his crazy conspiracy theory on Facebook just hours after President Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the Chinese virus.

It’s safe to say he’s completely lost the plot due to suffering from TDS the past 4 years. Seek help Michael, we’re worried about you.

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1 thought on “Crazy Man Micheal Moore Pushes Conspiracy Theory Trump Is Faking Having COVID

  1. I had a rental business in Flint Mich, 1969, thru 1986…..Had Michael Moore as a customer, 3 times…..third time, I told him not to return to my store…..This guy lied, about using my eq. each time…..{ he was excommunicated from my business}….He can’t be trusted, is an opportunist, & low class scum bag, of the 1st degree…..{ he has never changed. His 1st wife had to divorce him…..Moore is the modern day “JABBA THE HUT”….{ of star wars fame}…”POS”!

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