October 28, 2021

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Tom Arnold Posts Hope Hicks Personal Cellphone Number On Social Media

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Tom Arnold Posts Hope Hicks Personal Cellphone Number On Social Media

As always whenever something happens, unhinged mentally ill “actor” Tom Arnold has to make a spectacle of himself. This time around he decided to be a complete dick and post white house aid Hope Hicks’ cellphone number to millions on social media.

Hicks, a counselor to President Trump, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.

In a since-deleted tweet, Tom Arnold told people to contact Hicks directly.

“Silent thoughts & prayers aren’t enough for national treasure Hope Hicks,” the 61-year-old actor wrote. “She needs to hear them.”

(We won’t post a screenshot of the Tweet out of respect for Ms. Hicks)

Of course, Twitter didn’t ban him from the platform even though his Tweet was 100% against their so-called community guidelines, and even though they have and do ban people for the same thing.

Tom Arnold has a history of racist, sexist attacks on Twitter yet he remains on the platform because he’s an anti-Trumper and the people that work for the social media network (along with Jack Dorsey) favor people like him.

He’s even threatened the President of the United States and faced no consequences from Twitter.


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