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Steve Cortes Slams Chris Wallace: “You Were Not A Neutral Moderator”

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Steve Cortes Slams Chris Wallace: “You Were Not A Neutral Moderator”

During an interview on Fox News, Senior Trump Campaign Advisor Steve Cortes slammed host Chris Wallace, over his role as “debate moderator” in last week’s presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.

Chris Wallace attacked Steve Cortes over his objection to President Trump and his family removing their masks during the debate. “Everybody wore a mask, why didn’t they?” he asked.

“Chris, the way you’re starting to harang me now, actually reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night.

“Oh, yeah—I harangued him!” Wallace whined.

“No, he had to debate not only Joe Biden, but he had to debate you as well. You were not a neutral debate moderator then, ” he said, adding, “I don’t mind tough questions—okay? I welcome reasonably tough questions, but what I don’t think is okay, is for you to become the effective opposition to the President!” He continued, “Everyone there was tested in the crowd. They were distanced from each other. People can make reasonable decisions for themselves!”

“No, actually they can’t,” Wallace responded. “There are rules and they will be kicked out next time!” Wallace threatened.

Wallace, a registered Democrat, tried to blame President Trump’s interruptions for his partisan behavior, “Let me simply say, the president interrupted me and the vice president 145 times, so I object to saying I harangued the president.

What Wallace doesn’t mention in the interview is the fact that he only interrupted Joe Biden 15 times and interrupted President Trump 76 times.


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