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Jack Dorsey Lies To Congress Claiming Twitter Never Censored President Trump

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Jack Dorsey Lies To Congress Claiming Twitter Never Censored President Trump

On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey flat out lied to Congress during a Senate hearing focused on Big Tech’s content moderation policies. The Twitter CEO claimed that his social media company has never censored President Donald Trump.

“Just to be clear, we have not censored the president,” Jack Dorsey said in response to Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. “We have not taken the tweets down that you’re referencing. We have added context with a label and we do the same for leaders around the world.”

Blackburn noted that Twitter has in fact censored President Trump as well as his campaign’s tweets and accounts at least 65 times, and but never once censored 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden. Jack Dorsey maintained the company did nothing wrong by labeling Trump’s tweets and adding more “context” to his statements.

“We have not censored the U.S. president,” Dorsey echoed. “We do not take down the tweets but we add context around it.”

Despite Jack Dorsey’s flat out lies, there are numerous examples of Twitter censoring President Trump and even taking down his posts.

Earlier in the year, Twitter removed access to an obviously fake “racist baby” video posted by president Trump after creating a platform-sponsored fact-check in the trending topics section of the website.

Twitter censored multiple Trump tweets raising valid concerns over mail-in voting and flagged Trump’s tweets about sending the National Guard to cities with violent rioting as “glorifying violence.”

The President’s tweets about coronavirus were also hidden by the big tech company.

In addition to censoring Trump, Sen. Blackburn also noted that, despite Twitter’s reported commitment to “adding more context” to world leaders’ posts, Twitter has not taken action against the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei for spreading misinformation.

“You said Holocaust denial and threats of Jewish genocide by Iran’s terrorist Ayatollah do not violate Twitter rules and it’s important for Iran’s leaders, like their terrorist leader, to have a platform on Twitter,” Blackburn said.

“You have testified you are worried about election interference. That is something we are all worried about,” she said. “For about 100 years, foreign sources have been trying to influence U.S. Policy and U.S. Elections. Now they are on your platforms. They see this as a way to get access to the American people.”

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