September 25, 2021

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Authorities in Illinois Extradite Kyle Rittenhouse To Wisconsin

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Authorities in Illinois Extradite Kyle Rittenhouse To Wisconsin

Kyle Rittenhouse has been extradited to stand trial on homicide charges, with sheriff’s deputies in Illinois handing him over to their Wisconsin counterparts shortly after a judge on Friday approved the contested extradition.

Judge Paul Novak noted in his ruling rejecting Kyle Rittenhouse‘s bid that defense attorneys had characterized the Wisconsin charges as politically motivated.

“This Illinois court shall not examine any potential political impact a Wisconsin District Attorney potentially considered in his charging decision,” Novak’s six-page ruling said. He added that it is not for an Illinois judge to “reevaluate probable cause determined by a Wisconsin court.”

The Associated Press reported:

Immediately after Novak issued the ruling at the courthouse in Waukegan, Illinois, deputies with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office picked up Rittenhouse and drove him five miles (eight kilometers) to the Illinois-Wisconsin border, sheriff’s office spokesman Christopher Covelli told The Associated Press. Rittenhouse was then turned over to Kenosha County sheriff deputies at the state line at around 3:45 p.m., Covelli said.

The ruling and speedy transfer came several hours after a hearing Friday morning in which Judge Novak heard arguments for and against extradition.

The most serious charge Kyle Rittenhouse faces in Wisconsin is “first-degree intentional homicide,” which carries a life prison sentence. He is also charged with “attempted intentional homicide” in the wounding of a third protester, as well as a misdemeanor charge of underage firearm possession.

His lawyers have argued he was acting in self-defense.

Video shows that while being chased by a mob, Kyle Rittenhouse fell while trying to dodge attacks. As he was on the ground, 26-year-old Anthony Huber, of Silver Lake, hit him with a skateboard and tried to take his rifle. Rittenhouse opened fire, killing Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, of West Allis, who was holding a handgun.

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