June 23, 2021

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Two Men Charged In Ballot Fraud Scheme That Involved 8,000 Applications

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Two Men Charged In Ballot Fraud Scheme That Involved 8,000 Applications

Two men in Los Angeles are charged with voter fraud after attempting to submit 8,000 ballot applications for nonexistent or dead voters.

Hawthorne, California, mayoral candidate Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, 53, (pictured) and Marcos Raul Arevalo, 34, (no picture found) planned out the scheme in an attempt to help Montenegro win his bid for mayor, the LA District attorney announced on Tuesday.

The county says Montenegro submitted more than 8,000 fraudulent ballot applications on behalf of “fictitious, nonexistent or deceased” voters between July 1 and Oct. 15 of this year, according to a felony complaint.

Dean Logan, the county’s top election official, told the Los Angeles Times: “What this does is it illustrates that election officials here as well as across the country take these issues very seriously. This was 8,000 registrations in a jurisdiction that has 5.8 million voters.” 

He also added that none of those ballots were submitted in the general election.

Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro falsified names, addresses, and signatures on nomination papers, the attorney general’s office said.

Fox News reports: “Both Montenegro and Arevalo face charges including conspiracy to commit voter fraud, voter fraud, procuring and offering a false or forged instrument and interference with a prompt transfer of a completed affidavit. Montenegro could face up to 15 years in prison, and Arevalo could face up to seven if convicted.”

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Florida man who requested mail-in ballot for dead wife hit with voter fraud charge

A Florida man who deputies say requested a vote by mail ballot for his dead wife has been charged with a felony.

Larry Wiggins, 62, a registered Democrat from Sarasota, requested the mail-in ballot for his wife this month even though she died in 2018, the Manattee County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Sheriff’s department officials said that Wiggins admitted to mailing in his deceased wife’s ballot request and told detectives that he was “testing the system to see if it worked.”

“He wanted to test the system,” Manatee Supervisor of Elections Mike Bennett told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. “He did test the system and guess what? It worked.”


Texas mayoral candidate arrested for mail-in ballot fraud

A Texas mayoral candidate was arrested and faces felony voter fraud charges after allegedly sending 84 applications for mail-in ballots.

Zul Mohamed, who’s running to become the mayor of Carrollton, a city roughly one hour north of Dallas, was charged with 25 counts of knowingly possessing a ballot with intent to defraud, a second-degree felony, and 84 counts of providing false info on a voting application, a third-degree felony, according to the Texas attorney general’s office.

County and state investigators issued a search warrant on his home in Carrollton and discovered 25 ballots, the Denton County Sheriff’s Office said.


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