September 22, 2021

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Gov Murphy To Matt Gaetz: “You are not welcome in New Jersey”

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Gov Murphy To Matt Gaetz: "You are not welcome in New Jersey"

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey slammed congressman Matt Gaetz on Twitter for attending a “gala fundraiser” last night.

Murphy said law enforcement is investigating the event.

Murphy in his continued hypocritical rant then told Mr. Gaetz that he is no longer welcome in New Jersey while adding in childish name-calling.

Speaking of “willingly endanger people.” Governor Murphy just like Gov Cuomo of New York implemented policies that resulted in the death of thousands. Both Governors are yet to apologize or even acknowledge their deadly mistakes.

On top of that, Murphy just like all democrat Mayors, Senators and Governors have been punishing and slamming people for doing exactly what they have been doing…breaking the “rules.”

Here’s Gov Murphy breaking his own rules.

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