December 8, 2021

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Nancy Pelosi’s House Vandalized With Graffiti, Fake Blood and a Pig’s Head

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Nancy Pelosi's House Vandalized With Graffiti, Fake Blood and a Pigs Head

On Friday images were posted by KRON4 News showing Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco home vandalized with anarchist symbols with “cancel rent!” and “We want everything!” written in black spray paint on her garage door.

Below the graffiti you can see the fake blood and a pig’s head.

A spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department told Fox News that officers responded to the reported vandalism around 2 a.m. Friday. “Unidentified suspect(s) had painted graffiti on the garage door and left a pig’s head on the sidewalk,” they said.

They said the scene was in the 2600 block of Broadway, but did not confirm who owned the home or if anyone was there at the time.

The messages have been covered up and fake blood on the ground has been removed.

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