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New Free Speech Social Media Site ‘First Social’ Launches, Here’s Our Review

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New Free Speech Social Media Site 'First Social' Launches, Here's Our Review

As many leave or are kicked off Facebook and Twitter as the big tech giants purge whoever they don’t like, users are looking for a site that actually allows free speech. Enter First Social, a new contender alongside Parler that is rising fast in the ranks. says that it’s a platform that allows free speech for everyone. No matter your political beliefs. But they aren’t limited to just politics.

We decided to check it out and sign up. Here’s what we found:

The site itself is well designed and loads very quickly. It’s very easy to navigate and posting is quick and easy. Signing up took seconds.

Like, following and commenting is a breeze. The feed is a great mixture of content and isn’t spammy.

Posting is simple (photos, vids, text) and you can add a topic to your post which can make it easy for users searching for something in particular as well as the site to sort into topic categories.

The site has private messaging.

One thing that impressed us was the way articles show in the feed. It’s looks nice how the title is above the image and the subtitle is below with the site url:

It’s the little things in life.

A couple of features we would love to see is the ability to embed posts from First Social into articles and a share button. Although you can copy the link from another user and post it onto your timeline for the time being.

The site has an option to create a group that won’t be censored. You can also create an account for a website, business, personal, or whatever you like. Create discussions and create a poll or simply ask the community a question.

There isn’t an app available at the moment but the founder says there could be one coming. But no doubt if they tried to get it on any app store big tech would do everything in its power to stop First Social. For now, the social media platform runs just fine in any browser on any phone (IOS, Android, Windows, etc) laptop, or desktop pc. (We tested them all, no problems)

If you’re on iPhone, simply open in safari. Then go to the icon down the bottom that you use to bookmark and choose “add to home screen.” Done. Open it from there, no issues.

Android users can also add bookmarks to the home screen.

There are a couple of rules but they are pretty much common sense rules.

Founder/CEO of FirstSocial Tyler Webster has made it clear that hate speech and any form of death threat is not allowed on the platform.

Our review of First Social? All in all, it’s a very nice fast running easy to navigate site that actually allows free speech and open discussion. Highly recommended. This site is going places!

Tyler says on his First Social page that he created the site due to the ongoing banning of conservatives by big tech.

“I founded this social media network recently due to all the conservatives being banned by big tech. I have millions of followers and now that could be taken away. My main reasoning for building this website is to get my followers over to a community so we can stay in touch and share information the MSM won’t. A community where patriots can talk to one another without being censored. “

In an Instagram post, He said he chose the name First Social as in the first amendment.

Within 15 minutes of launching, First Social The site hit over 2,000 sign ups. Not long after that they hit over 8,000 and is continuing to grow by the hour.

Tyler also promised never to take away free speech.

The CEO of First Social also noted that the platform isn’t strictly political and all sorts of content is welcome.

Getting verified isn’t a painstaking process like Facebook and Twitter. Tyler lays it all out for you to get verified:

According to the founder, your data is safe.

One other thing we love about First Social is the Ceo, Tyler Webster, has a great sense of humor and if you’ve been following him for a while you know this guy can take a joke.

You can sign up to First Social below and don’t forget to follow Milne News on there:

We also recommend that you follow CEO of First Social Tyler Webster for updates, to give feedback, and for all-around great entertainment. The founder posts and reaches out to communicate with the community every day.

Thumbs up Tyler!

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