October 25, 2021

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Trump Is Building His Own Social Media Platform

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Trump Is Building His Own Social Media Platform

President Trump via the @POTUS account on Twitter announced that he is planning on making his own social media platform and currently in talks with various sites.

While the details on exactly when the platform is set to be online or what the site will look like and operate, we do know from the President’s Tweet that something big is in the works.

We just signed up FirstSocial – Free Speech Network, a new social media platform–> https://firstsocial.net/user/milne_news

3 thoughts on “Trump Is Building His Own Social Media Platform

  1. I whole heartedly, support the Trump Docttrine, & am “totally against the third term of Bath House Barry, led by “Demneted Crazy Uncle Joe”, & his trollop “Vee-Pee”, from californication! America, is now going to experience the “THIRD TERM OF BATH HOUSE BARRY”…The kenyan Illegal Immigrant, & the unfortunate ‘DREAMS OF HIS FATHER”! GOD SAVE AMERICA!

  2. Thanks to the Demoncrats in America, Sodom & Gomorrah, has been re-visited in this “ONCE GREAT COUNTRY”!

    Demoncrats have come for, & “taken” our freedom of speech…..”NEXT”….they are coming for your weapons…After they take those….They are going to take your religious freedom!…{ NO? }…..Just get a dose of reality….it is happening as we speak!

  3. America’s Demoncrats, have successfully Breached your freedom of Speech! Next, they are coming for your guns..{2 Amendment}…..After that success….they are going to remove your freedom of Religion!

    NO?…..Look around you…..it is happening as we speak!

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