October 27, 2021

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Ric Grenell: Trump Didn’t Know I Was Gay and Making History When He Appointed Me

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Ric Grenell Trump Didn't Know I Was Gay and Making History When He Appointed Me

President Trump didn’t know Richard Grenell was gay when he brought him into the administration. He didn’t know he was making history by appointing Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence, Ivanka had to tell him.

Grenell speaking to Benny Johnson on the Benny Report said Ivanka went into the oval office to congratulate the President to which he replied “for what?”

Ivanka then went on to tell him that he is the first president in history to appoint an openly gay person to the role of Acting Director of National Intelligence.

“What? it’s 2020” Trump replied, shocked that it hadn’t happened before him.

Ric Grenell said Trump just doesn’t think like that, he doesn’t care if you’re gay, black, white, Asian, Latino, or from the moon. He judges people based on their character and performance.

Meanwhile, The Media celebrated Pete Buttigieg falsely calling the former mayor as the ‘first’ openly gay Cabinet member, totally snubbing former acting DNI Ric Grenell. They did this while calling President Trump anti-gay.

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