October 19, 2021

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Biden Refused To Call On Any Conservative Media, Read Answers From Notes

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Biden Refused To Call On Any Conservative Media, Read Answers From Notes

President Joe Biden refused to call on any conservative publications during his first press conference on Thursday, an event he has avoided holding for over two months into his presidency, The longest streak of any modern president.

The President pretty much pretended Fox News reporter Peter Doocy didn’t exist even though the white house correspondent was right there in the briefing eagerly trying to get a question in. But, Biden did not call on him once.

Throughout the entire briefing Biden used a list he repeatedly looked at when determining who he was going to call on.

At times he struggled despite having that list:

The Dailywire reports that of the reporters that Biden called on were from left-of-center mainstream publications and far-left organizations or are activists who masquerade as reporters.

Biden called on the following reporters:

Zeke Miller, reporter, Associated Press
Yamiche Alcindor, far-left reporter, PBS
Seung Min Kim, reporter, The Washington Post
Cecilia Vega, reporter, ABC News
Ken Thomas, reporter, Wall Street Journal
Kristen Welker, reporter, NBC News
Nancy Cordes, reporter, CBS News
Kaitlan Collins, reporter, CNN
Justin Sink, reporter, Bloomberg News
Janet Rodriguez, reporter, Univision

During the whole press conference reporters didn’t ask Biden about his fall on the stairs nor did they ask the President about the explosive story that dropped today suggesting that Hunter Biden lied on background check form to obtain a firearm illegally. A felony.

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