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Kaitlin Bennett And Rapper Lil Nas Go Head-To-Head In Twitter Battle

Kaitlin Bennett And Rapper Lil Nas Go Head-To-Head In Twitter Battle

Ever since “Rapper” Lil Nas released his Satan shoes with human blood in them receiving backlash and Nike totally distancing themselves from the product Nas has been on a Twitter rampage replying to just about anyone slamming his shoes or his music video in which he has sex with the devil.

This time around Lil Nas and Kaitlin Bennett battled it out after she tweeted that she was happy to be blocked by the rapper.

Lil Nas tweeted in response “i still see ur tweets shitty pants,” referring to picture of a girl – that isn’t Kaitlin Bennett – who shit herself and passed out on a bathroom floor.

Many on the far-left use this image to attack Bennett even though it isn’t her. Oddly Facebook and Twitter still to this day allow that lie to be spread.

Bennett hit back at Nas saying “the guy that takes it up the ass from Satan wants to talk about ‘shitty pants?’” and asked “Do you still see your dad?”

Nas confirmed that he still does see his dad and said he might have sex with Bennett’s father.

Nas said his core audience is children, according to an interview with NPR. “Before releasing his Satan Shoes, Hill appeared with Elmo on ‘Sesame Street’ and wrote a children’s book called ‘C Is For Country,’” The Daily Wire highlighted on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time rapper Lil Nas has come under fire. In December, the rapper told a fan to get an abortion and then taunted a pro-life group about it.